Little fish Mountain spring fish


Little fish Mountain spring fish Leopard tattoo

  I raise fish and take people to drink fish from mountain spring water, three dollars a barrel, two barrels a week, one meal during the day and one meal at night. I am also too lazy to be trapped in water.Im also white blind, the fish is sick, Im busy checking Baidu, and I cant save it after watching the video. Now as long as the water quality is well controlled, the fish is basically not sick. I changed the water and poured it directly after heating.Method, keep the environment in the tank, feed frequently, and change the water as often as possible. I cant filter it. I manually extract the feces from the tank every day and filter it manually with the filter cotton, and then pour the water back into the original tank.In the wide area, because there are too many, I have put several batches of guppies in the tank, and I have also died a lot. One day ago, a female fish was bitten off by another, and I only isolated it without medicine. The medicine was not well controlled. FishI die faster, Im just Xiaobai, Im going to fool and raise in Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  SATANIC Yao Yuyu said: The fish I eliminated was raised for my parents. The 40 small tanks got a little volcanic sand, not filtered, not heated in winter, the tap water was poured directly, but the water was changed twice a month, and the density was quite large.A few days ago, when I went home, the underground of the fish tank was full of feces. The water temperature was estimated to be less than 18 degrees.It is really tenacious vitality!
BrightD Yuyou said: In winter, I usually heat the fresh water before changing it.?Not easy to get sick
Auspicious Rabbit Yuyou said: beautiful
Junshuo E7jDU Yuyou said: You can use tap water plus mineral water plus rainwater to raise guppies, as long as the filtering effect is good, the water is good, the fish will be fine.Water plus new water to raise small fish, old water to dry green with salt hatching brine shrimp to feed fish
Xiongda 123 Yuyou said: Very goodHow does the red dragon fish develop color fast.Red Arowana hair color effect in one year%Red arowana hair color precursor@Red Arowana 30 cm without color*Adult red arowana hair color is not ideal,Can more than 3,000 red dragons develop color?^Arowana hair color$Red Arowana Hair Color Record(Little fish Mountain spring fish?


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