Spade A Fish Intensive phobia intervention


  Spade A Fish Intensive phobia intervention
In the 900L holding box, fish gather for me to feed, dangling, dizzy, hahaha!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Dapeng Qinyu Comment: Yes, you cant feed too much, the water quality is easy to deteriorate
Sanshunsheng Comment: This density can only be fed a little bit, wait until the fish pond is done and eat it again.Stingray over water problem%Stingray over water video%Stingrays haven"t had good water)The difference between black gold stingray and Pearl Stingray"Meek Stingray Baidu Encyclopedia:Difference between pearl stingray and Meeks,How to tell if arowana has been grilledMick stingray is still a good pearl?Is Mick Stingray well raised?/


Sharing my pair of BD

Sakura Tigers hanging at side of tank

DFI Xbacks offer New Cahaya Reds

sharing my 3 bar

February 2017 Discus Stock At Canadian A