Botian Environment Helps Jiukeng River Water Source Construction in Zhaoqing Make Progress



  After three years of design and construction, the Jiukeng River drinking water source environment comprehensive improvement project was successfully completed and will be put into operation in 2020.

  Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province is located in the central and western part of Guangdong Province. It is one of the few cities in the province that regards the environmental protection industry as the leading industry, and uses the environmental protection industry as the fulcrum.The Eco-Environmental Technology Innovation Center aims at playing an important role in the “Belt and Road” strategy.

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  Since 2015, Botian Environmental Group has conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the Zhaoqing Municipal Government to discuss solutions to the problems of industrial park water treatment systems and municipal water operations.After the project is put into operation, the Jiukeng River drinking water source environment comprehensive improvement project will provide a strong guarantee for the tourism wastewater in Zhaoqing City, including Dinghu Mountain, and the overall ecosystem of the Jiukeng River reservoir area will be continuously improved by increasingSystem biodiversity, while increasing the effect of sewage treatment, also escorts the construction of "beautiful countryside" and "rural revitalization".

  At present, the project has completed the construction of the site of the sewage treatment project and garbage collection and transportation project, and has completed the acceptance of the unit project.After all the projects are put into operation, the scale of sewage treatment and the scale of garbage transfer can continue to ensure the pollution control of the entire reservoir area, and achieve the effect of long-term and long-term cleaning.


  In the process of project design and construction, based on local environmental and climatic characteristics, Botian Environment adopts integrated sewage treatment equipment for centralized collection and treatment and the principle of Chinese tank retailer treatment; at the same time, garbage collection uses a combination of collection vehicles and electric vehicles for sewage treatmentThe process adopts a combination of AAO and artificial wetland, etc., to truly realize the efficient operation of the project.


  On December 25, 2016, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress passed the "Environmental Protection Tax Law", which will be implemented on January 1, 2018.This is my country.

  At the end of 2016, Botian Environment won the Jiukeng River comprehensive environmental improvement project with professional technical solutions, good customer reputation and excellent engineering performance.The comprehensive environmental improvement project of drinking water source area of Jiukeng River in Zhaoqing City is located in Jiukeng River Reservoir Area, Fenghuang Town, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, and includes nine administrative villages, covering an area of 146km2.How to pick Red Arowana^red arowana Quality Appraisal,How to choose 25 cm red dragon fish%Red Arowana block culture method.How to identify the quality of red arowana:How to identify the red dragon fish grade)Where is the first scale frame of the arowanaCan the red arowana be fed after changing water$What to do if Arowana is scared$


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