Its been more than two weeks since I stayed sideways Yanbao Food (Yuanbao Phoenix Fish Feed)

   I have been dying on my side for almost half a month, and I will eat it.Which expert can help diagnose========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Little Grey Ash NfiS Yuyou said: Look at the fish for wounds or bruises, if they are, they are sick.If not, the water temperature is too low to cause swim bladder, the latter can just put the heating rod.
Uncle Yangs assistance
Seducing Red Dragon 1313 Yuyou said: Its not good
Authentic purebred C Luo Yu Yu said: I feel sick
Mr. Y_ Yuyou said: This is lost, not dying.Feed too much.Can stop for a day or twocss mediumWhat are you most afraid of%The best fish feed brand in China(Lion head goldfish@How old can grass goldfish grow%Is grass goldfish a feng shui fish?:Dragon and Phoenix Koi!Grass goldfish and koi are better to keep#Grass goldfish and koi are more expensive^Grass goldfish$Gold Koi"Its been more than two weeks since I stayed sideways?


The Dragon Behind the Glass Emily Voigt

Does a single Ray need Company?

Loach Fever!!!

DFI Xbacks offer New Cahaya Reds

Albino golden knife seedlings


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