Wait for the new tank to get home


Wait for the new tank to get home Silver Edition Fish

  Its been a week since the new tank was customized, and I feel like something is missing when I dont have a fish tank at home.Equipment filter materials are ready, wait for the new cylinder to arrive home.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  The dog fish friend of the Heitaro family said: What about the old fish tank?
Honglonghong Yuyou said: I have to wait a few days for my tank, the fish are kept in the bucket
Red Dragon Red Yuyou said: Fish farming is to exercise people
Parrot Baisuishan Yuyu said: OK
Big Brother Tu Hao Yu Yu said: the key is fish ready
Does the flying fish 001 suffer?
Colletotrichum yuyu said: sit and wait
Yulin Yige Yuyu said: Haha supportCan live centipedes feed Red Arowana directly:How often should the dragon fish feed the centipedeArowana is best fed several times a day"Can Red Arowana feed centipedes for a long time~Arowana is better fed once every few days#How often to feed arowana$The correct way to feed centipedes@What should pay attention to the centipede feeding dragon fish$When is the best time to feed red arowana%


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