There are 12 nests again~~ B over gold arowana

  As a little white, I was so excited to see such a small fish for the first time (?▽?).I gave birth to two this morning. I thought it was finished. I didnt expect to add a dozen more in the early morning. Is there a small fish who likes to be born in the early morning, just like people.Although I was just born, the Little fish is agile, and I have been fishing for a long time, and there is still one in it that I cant get it.Both small fish and mother fish are healthy~========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Mai Baojiang Chilong Yuyu said: Mary is very good
Xiaobai came to raise fish Yuyu said: Congratulations
Brother Tu Hao Yu Yu said: Yes
Yu Linyi Yu Yu said: BeautyThe silver arowana feeds the little fish alive^Newly bought silver arowana feed for a few days$How often is the silver arowana fed?&How often to feed big dragon fish)Silver arowana can not be fed for a few days$How long will the silver arowana starve to death#How much to feed 40 cm silver arowana at a time*Silver Arowana is good for changing water once every few days@How to disinfect the dragon fish centipede,Silver Arowana feeding~There are 12 nests again~~?


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