Disassembly and assembly of M15M plate heat exchanger in Yanan


  Plate heat exchangers equipped with Bourg seals are widely used in the fields of heating, cooling, waste heat recovery, evaporation and condensation.Gaskets that cooperate with the plates serve to seal the respective channels and guide the fluid to the heat exchange channels.Temperature and chemical media are important factors affecting gasket life.Suzhou Industrial Park Borg Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. continues to challenge the limits of natural laws and develop high-performance rubber materials to extend the life and chemical resistance of gaskets.Bourgs gasket manufacturing range includes all relevant raw materials available.Gasket materials include nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated butyl rubber, fluorine rubber, neoprene rubber, butyl rubber and silicone rubber.The development of these high-performance rubber materials usually comes from the close cooperation with our customers, so as to ensure that the ultimate technical performance meets market demand.The temperature resistance of the gaskets produced by Borg is from -40°C to 180°C.Typical applications include the food industry and heavy industry (strong acids and bases).


  Suzhou Industrial Park Borg Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. is a heat exchange solution provider specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of heat exchange equipment. It is committed to heat transfer technology research and provides civil and industrial users with heat exchanger extractionThe heat exchange solution of waste energy achieves energy saving and emission reduction, and the utilization of waste heat and cold.

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  The Swedish company AlfaLaval was established in 1883.alfalaval plate heat exchanger Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger product model is complete, its metal plate design is to provide high thermal efficiency with the smallest heat exchange area; in addition, there are many contact points evenly distributed between the plates,Make it very strong and sturdy.All of this means that Alfa Laval can provide you with thinner and more thermally efficient metal plates than most other suppliers.Alfa Laval gasket materials include NBR (NBR), HNBR (hydrogenated NBR), EPDM (EPDM), Viton (fluororubber), and the plates are stainless steel (Alloy304, Alloy316, etc.), titaniumAnd titanium palladium (Ti, Ti-Pd), 20Cr, 18Ni, 6Mo (254SMO), nickel (Ni), HASTELLOY alloy (C276, D205, B2G), graphite and other materials.

  For plate heat exchangers used in important production equipment and corrosive media, it is recommended to have a set of spare seals.When the warehouse temperature is 18℃, the seal of the plate heat exchanger can be stored for about 3 years in transparent plastic packaging.In principle, the fixation of seals is divided into two categories: adhesive fixation and non-adhesive fixation.The shape of the gasket should be consistent with the shape of the seal of the plate heat exchanger.It must be pointed out that the adhesive fixing method does not have any effect on the sealing function.Non-adhesive sealing-Alignment: Put the sealing ring in place-Put in: Make the sealing ring into the sealing groove correctly-Compression: In the sealing groove, there is a groove-shaped structure with a decreasing cross-section, according to the gasketFor the purpose of use and the requirements of seal quality, it is possible to use blended sealants and non-harmonic sealants from different manufacturers.Before bonding, steam flow should be used to thoroughly remove residual adhesive and residual gasket on the bonding surface.Speaking of blending sealant bonding.



  Borg has excellent design and production technology and comprehensive heat transfer technology expertise. Borg has been committed to providing high-quality heat exchange equipment to customers in various industries, serving heating and air conditioning, chemicals, food and beverage, sugar, Metallurgy, electricity, paper, textile, shipping, refrigeration and other fields.Bourg provides professional products and engineering solutions worldwide.We are committed to equipment development and system services, constantly optimizing products and improving customer service, and strive to achieve *** performance.

  Plate heat exchangers are detachable and welded.The removable plate heat exchanger is sealed with a rubber gasket, which has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, flexible operation and easy cleaning.The welded plate heat exchanger adopts peripheral welding seals, which is a new type of heat exchange equipment that combines the advantages of a detachable plate heat exchanger and a shell and tube heat exchanger.Between the device and the detachable plate heat exchanger, it can withstand high temperature, high pressure and handle high viscosity, medium containing solid particles and fiber suspension.In the process of alcohol fermentation and distillation, the detachable plate heat exchanger has a wider application prospect than the spiral plate heat exchanger.The promotion of plate heat exchangers in my countrys alcohol industry is relatively slow, mainly due to two reasons.One is the short time and lack of experience.The second is to worry that the plate heat exchanger is easy to block, the seal is easy to leak, and the service life is short.Our Borg targets the production characteristics of alcohol and brewing industry.A new plate heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, flexible operation and easy cleaning will be designed.Plastic bucket modified bucket video%High-density water tank fish farming video^Homemade fishing rod bag video*Material for making fish toilet~Picture of Homemade Fishing Bucket&Homemade fish picker.How to make your own fish toilet#Principle structure diagram of fish toilet fish tank!Design video of high-density running water fish farm%


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