What flower bird and fish markets are there in Harbin?Where are the addresses


  Expand allThe following two are relatively large flower, bird and fish markets: 1.Dafa Flower Bird Fish Market, Intersection of Kangan Road and Tongshun Street, Daoli District 2.Daowai Flower, Bird and Fish Market, No.241 Qiantang Street, Wudao Street, Daowai Riverside


  3.Dafa Fish Market.Address: Hexing Road.Fish market introduction: mainly fish, reptiles, and equipment

  1. Daowai Fish Market Address: Beitou Dao Street, Qingxing Street, Beiwu Dao Street.Fish Market Introduction: The oldest fish market in Harbin, with more than 20 years of history, has a complete market and sales category.Holidays and worship are always crowded!

  6. Reasonable permanent fish market address: Youyi Road, junction of lots and street, opposite to Zhaolin Park.Fish market introduction: The fish market next to the original flood control monument has been demolished until this time.Bus station: childrens station - 64 64 (branch line, cultural building fish market.Address: Junction of Wuduan Street and Nursery Street Fish Market Introduction: The original Hongyan community Fish Market After the opening of the new site, the development is slow and is facing a crisis of completion!

  Bus stop: Daowai Sandaojie Station - 107 108 109 204 206 12 19 64 64 (Spur Line, Childrens Park Morning Market Address: Branch Street.Introduction to the fish market: Harbins retail, fishing grounds, and fish sellers are concentrated in wholesale fish food and small fish bulk sales. The time is from 5 am to 8:30 am/9:00 pm. It is particularly lively on Saturday and Sunday morning!

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