Help to see if its a bit of a mouthful


Help to see if its a bit of a mouthful SilverfishThis fish is often emotional, and eating is not normal. Recently, I feel like I am talking a lot!Not sure, please help me to see!

  Ovis Say: No pocket
Bu Fandong Say: So that
Yuyou Dark Night Emperor Say: a little bit
Yuyou Aijia loves her Say: Not much
Yuyou anson2014 Say: Normal, no pocket
Yuyou one two less one Say: Its not a double talk
Yuyou 15090353634 Say: Normal
Yuyou Rookie 100 Say: This is normal
Yuyou u139YPK0245 Say: This is not counted, just control it This is not counted, just control itFish that can be mixed with colorful@Colorful angelfish wholesale pricesColorful angelfish species are best raised)How much is a colorful angelfish*What is best to feed colorful angelfish~What tank is used to raise colorful angelfish"Tips for raising 60 colorful angelfish!How many colorful angelfish to keep:Help to see if its a bit of a mouthful。


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    Can saury fish eat floating feed%