Piscilla hairy Arowana doesnt eat much recently


  Is this the case when the season changes? Tiexi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

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  Tell me something: change the water, it will be fierce after changing the water

  Fun Mingyun said: It is said that the appetite of arowana generally improves in autumn.tinfoil barbtml remittanceFish toilet filter manufacturing method:Video tutorial of fish toilet installation$Fish tank manure separator#Principle of making fish toilet,Fish tank diy fish toilet.Homemade fish toilet fish separator(Fish toilet making video Daquan*Personal homemade fish toilet&The schematic diagram of the fish toilet fish tank$The production process of fish toilet)Piscilla hairy Arowana doesnt eat much recently。


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flying fish farmWhat I saw outside of Ba

Ammonia super high


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