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The piranha, also known as piranha and piranha, is an ancient species that has a history of more than 8 million years.In recent years, there have been some scattered fossil jaw bone fossils, such as giant piranhas.Giant piranhas are four times the size of modern piranhas. They can kill and devour other animals alone without having to act in groups.The giant piranha was extinct as early as 10 million years ago, and the piranha is believed to have evolved from the giant piranha.
Piranhas originate from South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela, where the waters are warm and suitable for their growth.Suddenly, reports of sighting piranhas appeared in various places in the United States.
Generally speaking, it is unlikely that any water tiger fish will survive the winter, but it is mentioned in the documentary "Deep Water Killer" that in the past few years, people located in Lake Ozark near Jefferson, Missouri.Caught many piranhas.Did the piranha have mutated and adapted to the ecological environment of Lake Ozark, turning it into its own habitat?
The frequent appearance of piranhas has caused people to worry that these fierce creatures may have lived in the waters of the United States and started to reproduce.There are more than 40 species of piranha, and their body types, species, and habits are very different, so it is likely that there are some species of piranhas, which are more resistant to severe cold water temperatures than other species, and can be in the cold waters of North AmericaSurvive.
Red-bellied goby is a subspecies of goby fish, which was found in Lake Ozark and is said to be able to withstand water temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.To test this claim, the researchers conducted an experiment at the Green Water Tropical aquarium center in Minneapolis.They placed four red-bellied goby fish in a fish tank equipped with a cooling device, and then slowly lowered the water temperature to test the minimum temperature that the goby fish can withstand.
In 4 days, the water temperature in the fish tank has dropped from 22°C to 15°C.Before the water temperature dropped to 18 degrees Celsius, the piranhas behaved very naturally. When the water temperature dropped to 18 degrees Celsius, they began to compete for territories, and they were brutal to each other.Suddenly his temperament changed completely, activities began to decrease, and actions became slow.
On the fifth day, the water temperature dropped to 11.At 6°C, a major change occurred in the water tank, and the red-bellied tiger fish began to squeeze together, as if absorbing each others body temperature.As the temperature of the water continued to drop to 11°C, the researchers found that they began to be unable to distinguish directions, and the swimming posture became very weird, and by 10°C, they could hardly stand up and swim, completely losing their balance.Through the test, the researchers were convinced that the red-bellied tiger fish can survive in the cold water temperature. Only when the water temperature drops below 10 ℃, they will die.
Visit Lake Ozark
Since the red-bellied tiger fish can survive in water with a temperature not lower than 10°C, the researchers must figure out whether the water temperature of Lake Ozark can meet their survival needs.Although the water temperature of Lake Ozark is very low in winter, some parts of the lake have groundwater passing all year round.This means that the water temperature in these places is higher than in other areas of the lake, and it is likely that the piranha will survive.
They found an entry point of groundwater into the lake, and checked the necessary information such as the depth, temperature and water quality composition of the nearby waters.It was found that the average depth of this area is 3.3 meters, the temperature of the water changes little in winter, keeping between 13℃ and 15℃.In addition, the water temperature of Lake Ozark will reach 21 to 32°C in summer, which is very suitable for the survival and reproduction of red-bellied tiger fish.It can be seen that it is not impossible that a large number of red-bellied tiger fish will appear in Lake Ozark in the future.

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