About tiger fish feedingWhat do you guys use to feed tiger fish? I saw that some aquarists use larval fish and some live worms. The cockroach means that they cant afford it. After all, the larval fish are one dollar apiece.If you raise a few more, the salary will not be enough for them this month.Now I always feed mosquito-eating fish
About tiger fish feeding Orange Red Arowana

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  poplaryang Say: What kind of fish is this?
Yuyou S Dragon K Say: Small wild fish and shrimp can be used, the price is about the same
Brother Yuyu Say: Not bad!
Fish friend anrocey Say: Grass gold, dried shrimp, frozen shrimp
Fish Friends 18004237888 Say: I feed river prawns and small fish
Fish friend kasama821012 Say: Feeding loach, good nutrition, cheap price, fish eat fast
Fish of Bermuda Say: Feed off the fat, chopped chicken hearts, tiger fish love it, and grow fast
Yuyou Zuge Say: Fish and shrimp
Fish Friends Say:
Cooked? Bermuda fish

  Feed off the fat, chopped chicken hearts, tiger fish love it, and grow fastWhy does red arowana develop color fast#How long does the red dragon fish start to develop color50 cm red dragon fish does not develop color/Graphic illustration of hair coloring process of red arowana"Adult red arowana hair color is not ideal,How does the red dragon fish develop color fast.No. half red arowana hair color development process:How to feed red dragon fish during hair color!


Platinum or snow white arowafree fish ta

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Sumatran tiger fish


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