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  For the first time to fish, please ask the senior teachers for advice, buy the fish tank, follow the posts in the forum, raise water, put three Thai crucian carp into the tank, on the 9th, I invited a silver dragon, five parrots, silver dragon arrived home in the afternoonOn the morning of the 10th, I feed the dried shrimps. Long Zhangkou ate four small dried shrimps. According to the posts, it took a few days for the dragon to start eating, and the parrots also ate. I was so happy. Ask the teachers, when do I need to change the water?thank!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
JUN001002013 Comment: Thank you, read the posts of teachers here every day, pay close attention to study, keep the fish healthy and beautiful
L-H-R Comment: Come on slowly
Liang brother fish appreciation Comments: A novice, I think you are very beautiful silver dragon, silver bright silver bright, how much money please.
Heidi DJ Comment: The water is a little mixed
粑粑说 Comment: Direct tap water
Rui Shigen Comment: Just change the water once a week!
Xin Kuan Lu is wide. Comment: Reply @JUN001002013: Change a quarter. The water will be clear a few times in a row
Xin Kuan Lu is wide Comment: Reply @JUN001002013: Change
JUN001002013 Comment: What about water yellow?Do you change the water?
JUN001002013 Comment: Reply @粑粑 says: Do you need to change the water?bang dream贴吧top 10 oil and gas companies in malaysiaHow much water temperature is suitable for ingot fish?$Temperature of ingot fish and parrot fish/How often to feed red ingot fish!What"s so special about raising goldfish at homeIngot fish and parrot fish, which is more expensive.Ingot fish to keep a few good"It is better to keep a few ingot fish@How to raise ingot goldfish?ALBINO PEARL STINGR Novice registration First time fish farming!


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