Food thieves dont know the goods and steal the famous big red dragon to make fish


  Humans are a kind of visual animals. Whether they look at humans or some animals, they are mainly beautiful. Lets take fish for example. Beautiful ones are ornamental fishes. Ugly ones can eat and eat.Sex.


  There are 11 genera and 4 genera in Bonetonidae, which is an ancient freshwater fish population, widely distributed in South America, Australia and southeast belts and belt areas.Bone tongue fish is long and bearded and is a very popular ornamental fish. The Chinese call it “dragon fish”. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is roughly divided into three colors, that is, silver dragon and golden dragon.And red dragon.

  The best red arowanas on the market usually cost two to three million yuan. Red arowanas like to eat small fish and shrimps. The cost of raising them alone is about a thousand yuan a month. This price is not something that ordinary silk can control.Not only that, the red dragon fish also has strict requirements for water, and it is necessary to change the water step by step, one at a time, so as to ensure that it can adapt well.


  The Chinese have been fond of good morals since ancient times. Sometimes they dont raise fish, but a moral.Red arowana is rare, domineering and spiritual, and red means peace, joy, dignity, success, prosperity, etc. in China, and it is naturally loved by people.


  On October 22, Nanning, Guangxi, the police arrested a foodie Liao Mou who did not know the goods. Liao Mou stole two "big red dragons" (worth tens of thousands of yuan) from a sashimi shop in the middle of the night and went home to eat sashimi.Because of his unpleasant taste, Liao took only a few bites, and the rest was kept in the refrigerator, but it was unexpectedly evidence of the crime.

  Red arowana is not only popular among people in recent years, but has become a valuable ornamental fish species as early as 1950.In Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, red dragon fish is regarded as a "sacred fish", and it is believed that it can be used as a feng shui fish to avoid evil in the Wangjia town house.

  Among the dragon fish of all colors, the most expensive one is the red dragon fish. The red dragon fish is also classified according to the color, such as Fulong Dragon King, Fulong, Zhu Xuehong Dragon, Super-Blood Red Dragon, Purple Bottom Blood Dragon, ChiliRed dragons, etc., the higher the level, the more expensive the price, and the Fulong Dragon King is the best.



Food thieves dont know the goods and steal the famous big red dragon to make fish Stingray

  Red dragon fish is ridiculously expensive, coupled with high feeding costs, all local tyrants can afford it.In Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, there is a red dragon fish that will be regarded as a symbol of family wealth and status.Back to Sohu, see more

  Red arowana is the most expensive species of freshwater aquarium fish. The higher the grade, the less red arowana.Because the quantity is very small, the price is also scary. The price of a premium red dragon fish is more than one million yuan, and the most expensive one is sold at the 2017 Taiwan Ornamental Fish Expo. The price is 4 million. I have to sayOne fish tops one Bentley.



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