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Lets discuss, What Thailand sianlonis the best setup for an arowana setup。Lets discuss, What Thailand sianlonis the best setup for an arowana setup。Hi all,
I have seen people who keep their arowana in a simple set up with just sponge filter and no media like coral chips or oyster shell but yet their arowana can grow up nicely and dont seem to have any issues with the pH or other parameters of the water。 This is what i realised when i go to farms for a walk and i realised their tanks are actually kept very simple。 I understand electrical bill and the complexity of having an OHF for their setup as theres too much tanks, but is there any other reasons why this is done so?
I have also seen people keeping arowana in a setup using 3tiers of tray in their OHF with their pH monitored closely with a pH meter but still having problem with pH flactuation and etc。
Personally, ive been doing a 20-30% WC on alternate days and i only feed my aros superworms and frogs once or twice a day depending on their appetite。 My setups are currently running on OHF with lava rocks and coral chips。 Im thinking of switching my setup to a setup with sponge filter。
any advice?
Bro, it is doable to have a simple setup。 You only need to do 40-50% water change as frequent as once a day。 Personally I would rather than a filtration system then changing water everyday。
>We cant realy compare farms with home aquarium。 Farms are equipped to deal with frequent water changes - manpower, pipings etc。 Feeding regime is also not as frequent as what we do。
Imagine as a hobbyist having to do water change daily especially on a monster tank。 That woupd take a lot of time on tip of our usual commitments (work)
Sponge filter can work but qater change and the anti chlorine itself on the long run is gonna be wear you down financially and physically
>might I suggest adding pandan plants to the tank to help with the bioload if youre going for the sponge filter option。
>Our modern setup still better。<;br>;
Those use sponge filter their mindset n target of aro keeping is vastly different, at least i know they dont feed as much。 Their aros grows slowly and steadily after a few years
>How many fishes in the tank with sponge filter ?
Bro Jusme, using sponge filter does not mean daily WC。 U have to see how many fishes in tank and feeding regime as well as quantity of feed
>Hi all thank you for your valuable input。
Ill only be keeping one fish actually,Thailand sianlon the idea of using sponge filter only came in。 No doubt having our modern setup using OHF is better but when I realise during Wc, my water isnt that dirty and I feel uncomfortable not doing wc on alternate days I guess its already a habit then again, clear water may not mean that the water is good。
This idea seems very feasible to me in term of convenience and cost。 On the convenience part, ive saved on the part on changing sponge,finding nemo puffer fish no need to worry the media and dirty pipes。 Cost part, replacing of media and sponge and electrical bill。
What im trying to do here isnt to find ways to cut corner or cut cost because keeping fish isnt a cheap hobby already。 What im trying to know if its necessary for me to keep my cureent setup and use simple sponge filter since im。just keep 1 fish only。
At the end of the day, having a hobby is to enjoy and be hobby so shouldnt things be kept simple?
Once again thank you guys for your input and hope to see anyone of the people here still uses simple setup。
And I missed out im thinking of feeding my aro on alternate days to boost its appetite as I notice my aro seems to take the feeding for granted!! Or probably its my water haha。
>Small fishes dun feed alternative days, only big fishes(above 18 inches), maybe you can
Another way is, 1 week, feed 5 days, 2 days dont feed。 The 2 days that u dun feed, u change water
>most impt your filtration must be matured and cultivate bb。。。
>Agreed with all the above sharing
The key is good water management practice
Im an old-skool fish hobbyist, never use media like coral chips, ceramic ring b4 only started using them 4 years ago。 Previously only use a layer of OHF with sponge。 SO far so good for my fishes。 Till today, never measure water PH b4
Heard some bros from here said b4 that they do 80% wc and fishes doing fine。
Of course technology and equipments increase our joy of fish-keeping and ease hassle of cleaning。 If theres no issue with anything such as $$, I guess best setup is a sump tank。 If not, an OHF can do too。
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