Indonesian Red Arowana Yujing Haoyuan_Yinji Commercial Building-Comparative analysis of real estate-


  Indonesian Red Arowana Yujing Haoyuan_Yinji Commercial Building-Comparative analysis of real estate-Pros and cons-Which is better-Yangjiang LejuA 9-story elevator room, from the first to the fifth floor is a shopping mall, and hardcover houses are on sale from the fifth floor.Units range from 42 square meters to 52 square meters, with one bedroom and one living room, 70 square meters with two bedrooms and one living room, and 88 square meters with two bedrooms and two living rooms for sale.

  Project Overview: The project covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 600,000 square meters, including a residential area of about 420,000 square meters and a commercial facility of about 4.30,000 square meters, volume ratio 2.4 Building density 23.9%, the greening rate is above 33%. The projects own public facilities: kindergartens, middle schools, double clubs, restaurants, large canopy swimming pools, 10,000 square meters of independent shopping malls, community cultural activity centers, community sports plazas, and elderly service stations. Project location: Located in the northwest of Yangjiang City, at the junction of Chuangye Road and Jinshan Road.There are Yangjiang Tool Wholesale City, Yangjiang Bus Terminal, Jinjiao Wholesale Market and so on. The overall style is ART-DECO style. The first phase of the project has 10-story, 17-story and 29-story houses and some commercial facilities. Units are: 75㎡ practical two-bedroom, 95㎡ exquisite three-bedroom with suite, 110-130㎡ comfortable three-bedroom, 140-180㎡ enjoyable luxury mansion.

  The transportation is convenient, it is close to National Highway 325, and 1. away from Yangjiang Bus Station.5 kilometers, 3 kilometers away from the Yangjiang exit of Shenhai Expressway.You can reach Yangdong, Yangxi and Hailing Island conveniently within 30 minutes via National Highway 325.

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