Pikonni fish Five tips for dealing with small fish


  Pikonni fish Five tips for dealing with small fishFishing small hooks is the most troublesome thing. Whether it is traditional fishing, pendant fishing, or sea pole fishing, this problem exists. It is more difficult to avoid fish completely, although we have no way to completelyPut an end to miscellaneous fish hooks, but we can take some effective methods to reduce and avoid the impact of small miscellaneous fish hooks on fishing activities. Based on the years of fishing experience, the author believes that to deal with small miscellaneous fish, the following methods can be adopted:

  One method: Sprinkle more bait to hit the heavy nest.Fishing in natural waters such as lakes and rivers is the most important thing for fishing, but every time we fish, we not only attract big fish, but also small fish. In order to ensure that we can catch big fish,It is not affected by the hooks of small fish, so you must use larger particles of bait to lure the fish, such as using wheat, corn and other large particles to lure the fish, so as to reduce and avoid small fish from entering the nest.Even if there are some small fish, once the big fish enter the nest, the small fish will run away.However, after hitting the nest, dont take off the hook immediately. You must wait until a larger fish star floats out of the water.

  The second method: Xingxiang should not use vegetarian bait.Pendant fishing encounters a hook when using fishy bait, you may wish to replace the bait with a plain bait, or replace the fragrant bait with a non-scented and non-odorous natural bait.In traditional fishing, earthworms, red worms, and white maggots can be used. Earthworms can be replaced with dough or rice pellets.Because miscellaneous fish are very interested in meat baits such as earthworms, red worms, maggots, etc., which are more fishy, but do not like vegetarian baits.When using the vegetarian bait, it should be rubbed a little bit, the particles are slightly larger, so that the small fish can not swallow, and the hook is picked up several times, so he has to go away.Even if some bite off, there will be a part left on the hook, and the big fish still have bait to eat.It is best to bring several kinds of bait, both meat and vegetarian, at the time it is reasonable to choose, can catch a variety of fish.

  The third method: the sound of the east and the west.Fishing in natural waters such as lakes, rivers, etc., can be expected to catch small miscellaneous fish hooks. Therefore, we should be prepared to go when we are fishing. We can prepare some floating baits such as wheat bran, rice bran, etc.There are small fish hooks that can be "tuned away from the tiger", throwing some dry wheat bran or dry rice bran outside the den to make it drift downwind, which can induce small fish to track away.So as to achieve the purpose of avoiding fish hooks.

  Method 4: Sticky bait for heavy fall.Small miscellaneous fish are generally floating at a certain height in the fishing spot. The best way to avoid the miscellaneous fish is to use sticky bait for large-scale heavy fall. The heavy fall can make the hook bait quickly pass through when fishing.The swimming layer and height of the miscellaneous fish are smooth. In the end, the sticky bait can resist the snatching and nibbling of the small miscellaneous fish, ensuring that there is enough temptation to hook the fish on the hook.

  The fifth method: let the small catch the big clever screening.Not all small fishes have the habit of going up and down for food, such as arhats, gobys, sand pond snakes, and other fish. These are fishes that lurk underwater and feed, and they will also affect fishing.The action of these small fish bites is recognizable on the buoy. Under normal circumstances, when the buoy shows these small fish bites, do not rush to raise the pole, you can let go of these signals until there is a big fish biteOnly when the big action appears, the pole can be lifted, which can also greatly reduce the impact of small fish hooks, thereby improving the catch rate.In addition, fish hooks with darker colors can be used instead of bright colors and bright galvanized hooks.This can also reduce the trouble of hooking some small fish.What to feed goldfish!What does a 10 cm stingray eat?%Stingray feed several times a day~How to raise a newborn stingray:How about the amount of stingray$What stingray eats fast*10 cm stingray why?Is it better to feed stingrays with shrimp or loach?/What stingray feeds"


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