Red-tailed Arowana An Pang


Red-tailed Arowana An Pang Zebra duckbill40 cm, record[aini]
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Mood Yuyue (accidental xy) Yuyou said: You can grow to 80
S Day K Day Y Yuyou said:
Qiu Moye, Yuyou said: How long have you raisedParrot fish biting arowana.How to prevent parrot fish from biting@Parrot fish bullying dragon fish"Red devil fish and parrot fish polycultureWhat to do if a parrot fish bites another fish^How to do crown fish bite parrot fish!Parrot fish bit the map/What to do if parrot fish is bitten by fish&


Anyone had keep SB angelfish and breed ?

April 2009 Panda shipment

RAF039;s 19th Grand Champion

Chilbanjara arowana fishi Red Tanning

LF Pair of Rays


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    Do silver arowana eat feed?#