How long can you keep arowana?


  There are not many fish farmers who can persist for a few years!Arowana is a long-lived and expensive, please reply to your own time to raise dragons!Its a small survey!

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  zhang_zhe521 Say: Fish farming to temper the mind
Yuyou Dragon Novice Taiyuan Say: Three months
Yuyou Punishment Arrow Say: From august 15 to now
Fish Friends Aman qq Say: Keep it up.
Yuyou Zuge Say: More than a year
Yuyou residual dream 001 Say: Everyone is greedy and wants to get a good fish. One is too lonely, two have no challenges, and nine are pure local tyrants.
Yuyou wandering qq Say: Never changed
Yuyou Peak qq Say: If it did not die accidentally, it would not change fish. Now the dragon that has been raised in the family for the longest time has been more than 5 years.
Fish Friends Hedgehog 002 Say: This is really good宾尼法利纳battistaHow much is a bag of pig feed,How to grow arowana in fish tankHow much is a pack of Hailong feed*How much is a pack of Red Gold Dragon cigarettes$How much is a pound of pig feed wholesale^How much is a pack of feed for pigs%Arowana Green Packed Rice#How much is a pack of feed&Silage feed 240 yuan a ton$How long can you keep arowana?!


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