About water quality issues-


  Can the water of the self-service water vending machine at the entrance of the community be used as pure water for coral cultivation, and why cant it be tapped?What should I do if NO3 cant come down?
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
lihoujia Comment: That should not be pure water
New summer cat comment: The tap water has chlorine, so buy your own water purifier.
Beautiful Ocean Comment: Tap water contains too much organic matter and metals
lihoujia Comment: Self-service water dispenser is almost the same as tap water
hg日常 评论:各地的自来水水质都不一样,不能一概而论,有些地方的人养海水就用自来水,完全没问题 一般自来水里会有重金属、氯、漂白剂之类的东西,人喝了都不咋样,更别提养鱼了 小区自助售水机那你得问问它卖的是不是纯净水了,不过我觉得悬 NO3换水也降不下来是不是石头没养好啊,这个不确定Red Dragon Fish Five Elements,Thousand lake fish red dragon fish/Yellow Red Arowana.Guiyang red arowana!Red arowana peeled)Red Arowana largest/After feeding red dragon fish%Red Arowana Scraping$Red Arowana Brushed"Red dragon fish tattoo?About water quality issues-。


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