What if I save my fins?


  Dear brothers, I have several fishes with fins. I added big salt, yellow powder and vc yesterday, but I still dont get better today;
My sister bought a few black grass goldfish from the fish market two days ago, and put them directly in the fish tank without any treatment. Now my koi carp has fins. What should I do?
Brothers help!Thank you!
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Ok, thanks big brother;
Todays fish are in a much better condition. I saw people coming to know that they were shaking their heads;
Can you feed?
Thank you very much for a troublesome brother these days!
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24 hours water change 1/3
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Thank you Big Brother Sun; if you have any questions, how long do you need to change water after adding medicine?
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One ton of water.0.5-0.7 grams of 90% crystal trichlorfon.If there is a fish, please read the instructions
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Big Brother Sun, thank you. My fish looks better today. May I ask what medicine my fish kills and how much is needed.
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Sunlight Comment: Are you a new tank?The filtration is too small, strengthen the lower filtration.What about your pure filter?
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The condition is slightly better. Start to kill insects.
I am my 6
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.Thank you, brother, as you said,porson铂尔讯buy aquariumBone Tongue Arowana KoiKoi goldfish arowana which is better to keep:Fish tank raising giant koi fish video&Koi fish and red arowana polyculture,What is the situation of koi biting dragon fish/Raise a few koi in a 1.2-meter fish tank!arowana eating koi fish scales?Vintage uk250 and longjia%Koi and Arowana are more spiritual"What if I save my fins??


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