cs326 24k Golden Arowana

   caesar classical emerald blue cs326 30cm, pure classical, ultra-thin frame, super fat body, layered contrast contrast background color, clear frame is your private custom model Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Provincetigerfish jobstigerfish sportfishingArowana enteritis causes bow back treatmentHow to treat arowana tail droop?How to cure the back of the dragon fish*How to treat Arowana bow back$Arowana treatment method.What is the disease of the back of the gold arowana"What happened to Arowana"s back?^Arowana bow back)


A Shipment to Toronto Canada 2nd Februar

180 Gallon @ tier Stand Sump = $550.00

Finally !!!!

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    How long does the colorful angelfish turn on the light@

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    2018 Top Ten Feed Brand Ranking,