The original big fish began to swim around in the three hours of Hechi


  The original big fish began to swim around in the three hours of Hechi
The original big fish began to swim around in the three hours of Hechi Slicefish
Are you happy?Or is there a risk?[kun][kun][kun]Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
I know you are bad Yuyu said: Its not about the pond, there are parasites, there is a high probability of white spots
xGXeMXIu Yuyou said: Basically passed the pool risk
Dawning weixin0003 Yuyou said: look at it
love1314 Yuyou said: under chlorine dioxide
Yongqiang weixin may have the wrong water temperature in the pool!Plus cross infection of old and new fish!It is recommended to disinfect the old fish with chlorine dioxide in the main tank or tank the day before entering the fish pool!Before the pool, use high acid acid to soak the new fish (about tens of seconds) and then go to the pool!There will be no such
There are three treasures in the family: Yuyou said: Filter well and the water quality is good.After over-temperature and over-water, the minor problems dont need to worry about them. The koi carps are more capable of self-government, and sometimes become inflamed and rub against the tank.
休闲爱好 鱼友说:我的新鱼拿回来暂养缸杀虫杀菌,又暂养了二十多天,合缸再杀虫杀菌,还是交叉感染,现在升温28度,千分之三的盐Retreat, change one-sixth of the isothermal water in two days, and then slowly cool down after one month. It is very risky to enter new fish!!!
Ruffian Guaner Yuyou said: Cross-infected, first use chlorine dioxide to dispense 500 kg of water!Then every other day, add five thousandths of salt!
yc008862 Yuyou said: Not necessarily, some have oppression for fresh fish
@live 鱼友 said: Its a bit bad, and then observe, you must isolate the new fish, you cant report a chance.How about Jinlongyu wire and cable#How about the quality of Jinlongyu cable&Jinlongyu flame retardant wire model(Jinlongyu wire and cable model"Golden Dragon Feather Price List$Jinlongyu Wire and Guangdong Cable:Jinlongyu Wire Store AddressThe pearl river wire is still good~Jinlongyu Wire Manufacturer*


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