I would like to ask, if the temperature of the adjusted seawater is too low, what should we do?Put the heating rod directly, one has already been fried.

  A few bites of space Say: The heating rod is made of glass
Yuyou either- Say: Too low
Fish Friends Hedgehog 002 Say: Thats trouble
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Buy stainless steel
Yuyou Girl, Er Erjian Say: The heating rod exploded, indicating that the quality you bought is in question.The most convenient and fast way to teach you is to use an electric kettle to heat a portion of the water. It is heated, not boiled. Then mix the unheated water with the right temperature and then re-salt.But remember!Just heat the water!Not boiled!Not boiled!Not boiled!
Yuyou stupid NANA Say:
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Heat up slowly, dont adjust to 28/30 at once
Yuyou Poppy 001 Say: There is a stainless steel upstairs, this is not good, it is corroded by salt water, it is not affected by birds, the heating rod is placed carefully, and it is fully immersed in the water. Some players put it in half, the glass underneath is red, and the top has not been exposed to water.If you havent touched the water, you must explode.How big is the tank to raise red dragon fish"Arowana breeding methods and precautions$Red Arowana live fry wholesale/Can red arowana be too fat to recover:How to grow red dragon fish with the best hair color?How to raise the water quality of red dragon fish$How to raise red dragon fish water#What kind of filter material is needed to raise red arowana@Will the white tank raise the red dragonThe heating rod is fried?!


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