MALAYSIA golden arowana Explore protein bugsMALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA Explore protein bugs Butterfly carp

  Brothers and sisters, whether there are protein bugs in your old tank, it doesnt matter. The protein bugs in my tank are a little annoying, but they are lazy to get it out. Does anyone have a good way to remove protein bugs at once?Midong District, Urumqi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Yu Jackie Yuyu said: No killer for intestinal worms
Passing by, passing by Yuyou said: Maybe you have a higher polyculture density, I used to change the water frequently and wash the filter material.
lyfbyh Yuyou said: Change water frequently, change cotton, feed less, do not recommend medicine
I looked at it quietly, Yuyou said: Chlorine dioxide
abaogege Yuyou said: Sino-US Skewer Intestine Clear
Passed by, Yuyou said: The water is too fatIngot Phoenix Fish Growth Rate/Butterfly carp and dragon fish polyculture&Which saury variety is better#Ingot Phoenix Fish Fight)Feng Shui fish raise a few good money!Ingot Phoenix Life$Ingot Phoenix fish suitable temperature,Is saury a feng shui fish~


New LFS at Bedok North (Ba chor mee) Fen

My future monster=GATF

Red grade 1 arowana without tanningt5 li

Low Profile Tank vs Regular Height tank

Baiziguan knife seedling


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    Do you use peeled shrimp for dragon fish?$

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    Does Silver Arowana eat parrot fish feed?*