Should I remove the cup cover and sponge when planting water plants in the fish tank?


  "Historical Biography of General Li": "Just good at Shui Cao Tun, give up, everyone is free, do not fight Diao Dou to defend themselves."Han Shu Zhao Chong Guo Zhuan": "Industriously arrived, the soldiers will advance and retreat, and lead them a little, chase the water, and enter the forest.""Song Shu·Xianbei Tuyuhun Biography": "Since Taoshui, southwest, extremely white orchid, thousands of miles, chasing water plants, living in tents, with meat cheese as food.Ming Wangduos "Send Yuan Huanzhong (Yuan Kelizi) Langzhong Minister Envoy Ning Yuans Military Preface": "If you set up an ambush suspect, he wouldnt dare to take a glimpse of the weeds, and Shuo Fangs borders are few things."

  "Book of Rites·Sacrifice": "Plant of waterweed, terrestrial vinegar."Zheng Xuans note: "Plant of waterweed is the genus of celery."Tang Duanchengs "Yuyang Zaling·Nuo Gao Notes": "Taiyuan County has Yashan in the east. There are many water plants on this mountain."Ming Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica·Grass Eight·Algae": "Algae is a literate person of aquatic plants.""Lu Xuns "Shouting Social Drama": "The fragrant fragrances of the bean and wheat on both sides of the river and the grasses on the bottom of the river are mixed in the water and blow their faces."

  "Wu Zi·Traffic": "Fuma, must be in place, suitable for water and grass, and save his hunger."Wei Shu Cui Hao Biography": "If there is no water grass, why animal husbandry?"in addition, the Han people lived, and eventually did not build cities and counties in waterless grasses."Chen Yis "Ode to Kunlun Mountain" poem: "There are few people in the desert and the wilderness."

  Waterweed, Latin name Fimbristylis milliacea (L) Vahl.Generally refers to herbs that can grow in water.Aquatic plants refer to groups of plants that are physiologically attached to the water environment and at least part of the reproductive cycle occurs in water or on the surface of the water.Large aquatic plants are all aquatic plant groups except small this lesson7How much feed do small goldfish have to feed@How much feed to feed 10 small goldfish?How much feed does the 4cm goldfish feed~How many grains to feed a small goldfish a dayWhat feed do goldfish feed#3cm goldfish feed several feeds at once"How many small goldfish to feed a day.Will the goldfish die if not fed for a month?,Goldfish need to be fed once every few days:Goldfish fed 30 feeds!


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Dream tank Dec2013

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Frog ID ????


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