fishbowl What is the difference between Barcelona and the three crowns?


  Is it better to have Barcelona or the three crowns?
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
chenhan110722 Comment: Bassias caudal fin and ventral fin have golden round spots.Crown Three
Luan group purple silk Comments: Bassia.
(Big Tree) Comment: Look at your personal favorite, and you will see a picture under Baidu. Compare yourself!
Xiao shrimp 618 Comments: all good
ZT670 Comment: Man
zp850621 Comment: Brazil is beautiful.
Happy Little Erha Comment: Bassia is better, it is more beautiful to raise than the crown, and it is also valuable
Good Spiritualism Comment: no different
A I love Red Dragon Comment: I like Bassia
Smile lightly Comments: always indistinguishableIs the stingray well raised?$Thai crucian carp is better,Tiger shark aquarium fish$Will arowana bite a stingray?Why is crucian carp in Thailand called ingot/Stingray big fish ball#Why do stingrays curl%Parrot fish bullying tiger fish&Thai crucian bite fish*Does Thai crucian carp eat small fish?(fishbowl What is the difference between Barcelona and the three crowns??


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