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?pass?odd? 评论:本人养了多年红马,有点自己的心得,和大家可以交流一下下,错了勿怪哈 1、Black Cloud Fish 苗基因很重要,就像人一样个子高的父母子女肯定不会矮一样,不好的Its not surprising that 100 of the seedlings dont show any color, so the gene must be strong, and the other is luck. 2. It is easier for red horses to raise sand and raise sand than single raising (I have lost 8 of the first group and 7 of the second group, and 2 of the 10 groups have begun to fade (continuing observation), at least a large number of opportunitiesOrder). 3. Red horse seedlings like old water, as long as the water quality is stable and the old ones prefer it.I usually change the water more than 30 days (here I mean strong filtration). Usually the water is less, add water.I am lazy. I usually wash the filter cotton for 7 days. 4. The water temperature is 30-32 degrees before 16 cm, and 27-29 degrees after 16 cm. 5. The question of how much water to change, the red horse is more tolerant. I have tried to change the water by 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5. It doesnt matter if I change it all. The water temperature is relatively close.It doesnt matter if its slightly lower, its just that the fish in the desert is higher. 6. The fishes that have begun to desert have been raised in a single state. In fact, they are already considered as adult fish, and polyculture is no longer possible.If the sand is about 5cm, it should be raised alone. 7. Feed the feed all the time. Crush the feed when it is about 2cm. Feed the feed directly. Start feeding the shrimp above 6cm. Nothing else has been fed. 8. The old water finger hasnt changed water for half a month, it means changing a bucket of water, and wash the filter cotton. Welcome Yuyou to learn and communicateArowana feeding frog video%Jinlong feeds several times a day"Arowana technology#How long can Arowana not feed.How to match the feeding of Arowana$Is gold arowana good or good fortune?)When is Jinlong feeding best?~Why do so many people raise gold arowana@How often does Jinlong feed


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