The effect of afforestation by underground pipes in Dongying City is good


  News from Dongying City, Shandong Province, actively exploring new technologies and models for afforestation in saline-alkali land.They conducted an underground pipe alkali discharge test at the Liukou section of Bingu Road, Hekou Street, Hekou District.At present, this test technology project has been fully launched.

  It is understood that the total investment of this technology test is 300,000 yuan. It is the first in the city to adopt the Dutch dark pipe alkali drainage technology, lay a 3000-meter suction pipe, develop and arrange 30 acres of greening area, and plant 5,000 trees.At present, these trees are growing well.According to the introduction of relevant experts, the technology of alkali drainage in the dark pipe is a first-class technology in my country, which has the characteristics of good alkali modification effect, low operating cost, increased green area and moderate investment.

  Over the years, Dongying City has made arduous efforts to afforest and beautify the Yellow River Delta, and has successively implemented comprehensive development measures such as "upper forest (agriculture) and fishing", deep excavation and uplift, and heavy water pressure alkali.In 2007, Dongying City also explored the comprehensive development model of road network, water network and forest network, and transformed millions of acres of saline-alkali wasteland into oasis, farmland, fish pond and shrimp pond.Effectively improve.What ingot fish eats grows fast&Gold ingot fish why fish food*Gold Ingots of Shouzi in Qing Dynasty!Can puffer fish be mixed with dragon fish?Who can"t eat ingot fish/Goldfish Bar Forum^Help the real price of Yuanbao~A gold ingot with a bronze gilt#


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