Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium The anchovies at home die every day


  Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium The anchovies at home die every daythe fish tank at home is 7?8 years ago, I took back a brush. Then fill it with water, everyone has kept the water for more than 5 days. At first, its okay to put in the little fish.After 4 or 5 days, one was found dead, and then the tails of the other fish shrank. I died a lot the next day, and I put them all back in the original small fish tank.A lot of deaths occurred one after another, 2 to 30 fish, there are only a few left now, and watching the small fish still feels dead.I do not know why.
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Auspicious Rabbit Comment: The water tank cannot be trapped in water, if there is bacteria in the water tank for a long time
Lets do it. Little Moxian Comment: The fish that has just arrived will have to cross the water.Second, make sure the fish you buy is okay
Jiang Chengyao Comment: Adjust the water temperature to 39 degrees and keep it.Try more large grains of sea salt in the tank.
Too funny Muzai Comment: Not suitable for the water quality, have you carefully passed the water?Ornamental fish koi feed"Can I eat the ornamental fish.What kind of fish food koi feed,How much is a koi fish^What can be used to replace koi fish food)Can the goldfish be eaten&Can fish be eaten%Is Koi a tropical fish?/


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