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If the parrot fish can not be kept in good condition, then they really have lost their due ornamental value. What we want is a tank of red parrot fish, looking at it is especially festive and comfortable.

What details should be paid attention to? Good genes
There are not many bad parrotfish genes at present. The so-called bad is that the condition is not in place. So when we buy parrotfish, we only need to pay attention to picking up the beautiful body color, which is close to people.Stocking density
We need to determine the number of parrot fish cultured according to the size of our aquarium, and always keep the density of the fish moderate, and the feeding density can be appropriately larger, which will effectively relieve their psychological pressure and make them more easily adapt to the environment quickly.Water exchange problem
Parrotfish prefers old water, so we should not change the water frequently for parrotfish, just keep a quarter of the water change every week, because parrotfish has a strong appetite and more excrement, so powerful filteringIt will be crucial.Constant water temperature
For parrot fish, the higher the water temperature, the brighter the color. The parrot fish raised at a water temperature of 30 degrees and the parrot fish raised at a water temperature of 25 degrees are completely different from each other.Food is the most important
In order to keep the color of parrot fish beautiful, in addition to we have to choose a more professional red feed, the key problem is the feeding method. The consistent principle is to eat less and eat more meals., It is really impossible to express in words.Its basically a sentence, just feed it when you think about it, but never feed more every meal, so thats fine.Lights and background

Parrot fish tends to turn red in darker environments, or it is easier to develop color, so the fish tanks used to feed parrot fish generally use dark blue background paper.

The breeding focus of parrot fish color is nothing more than water quality, water temperature and feeding. It is not much different from feeding other ornamental fish. The only difference is the feed and feeding amount. As long as we can guarantee the feeding amountWith the satisfaction of the above and the balance of the water quality of the fish tank, the parrot fish will definitely be well and red.
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