Share ~No matter what the fish, the growth of the texture, the depth of the scales, the size of the idea, the time, 15, 16 cm red dragon red, you know that it is roast, the corresponding white is also the same, natural fish, natural color,It is expressed, naturally there is enough size[rose]

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Fish friend tiger


   No matter what fish, the growth of the texture, the depth of the scales, the size of the idea, it takes time, this is the master, praise!
Fish friends Blazers17


Yuyou Jun Oo Jun



  Do you want to look at the white? blazers17

Fish friends win in the rivers and lakes


   Prettyosaka jackthread withBitten by dragon fishWhat to do if your hand is bitten by fish:What to do if Arowana bit his hand?Will it be infected if bitten by arowana#Are you going to get an injection if you are bitten by an arowana?$What should I do if I was bitten by the silver dragon fish~What to do if bitten by silver arowana/How to deal with biting silver arowana$Does it matter if you are bitten by a dragon fish?@What happens if you are bitten by a golden arowana.


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Nutx Blsumatran tiger infoack Pup!

Im glad to have an ugly goldie

big scary fishGobies

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    How to raise red dragon fish in blue bottom tank,