How did you transition to raising a dragon just after entering the pit?


  Bought a long 1.2*width 0.4*High 0.The bottom filter tank of 9 is now raising water, preparing to use the grass gold to create the tank. Just enter the pit and raise the fish first, which will be helpful for raising the dragon in the future, thank you for your guidance

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  Chang Dizhihua said: After seven days of watering, let go of the tank fish and use the grass gold to open the tank. The fungus is the biggest one. You need to change the water every day 2/1 to add nitrifying bacteria.The water is white, and the size can only raise silver dragons and it has to be eye-catching. The water level is too high to be suitable for dragons. Change the tank later.

  Amo said: Are they all the sametropical fish bar.

  Zi Fei Yan Yans Joy of Fish said: The merchant did not make it clear that it is possible to raise dragons and raise silver dragons

  Tell me something: HahaLets toss about this tank to raise dragons. You will regret the last 100%. It is recommended to raise cheap tropical fish first. After a year and a half of experience with undead fish, you have to buy another dragon tank and start raising dragons.Maybe you were already ashore at that time.

  Just a clown said: It is best to raise dragons 150 60 55, standard configuration, the richer the better

  Chunguang mustard said: not so complicated, sleep for a week, please enter the tank

  zizai said: you can ask a master, you can start soon, your tank is not wide enough

  Kindergarten graduates said: the top cover is firm, so as not to jump out

  Zuge said: the width is not enough

  Feng Qiyun Chongyu said: After half a year, the cylinder will be changed.Why do fish surfaceWhere is the ingot phoenix fish/What to do if the colorful fish is black*Colorful fish breeding video tutorial%Xianglong Fish Farm Ingot Phoenix.How to raise 2 cm colorful fish(Why is it called swordfish@Is it good to raise colorful fish at home?^What sand to put the swordfish!


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