About old waterIt is said that the golden flower system needs old water.I would like to ask you what the so-called old water is for a long time.Whether the old water will definitely turn yellow.
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
LDianG Highlights Comments: Yes, it will turn yellow, and if it is not properly filtered, it will become mixed.
@sze@ Comment: Upstairs positive solution
Big love arhat fish Comment: The so-called old water actually means that the water quality and temperature are relatively stable.The so-called new water is stimulated by more water changes.Both old and new water have nothing to do with the color of the water.The water quality turns yellow or smells, it means that the water quality is wrong, pay more attention, otherwise the fish will get sick.
Mo Waiting Comment: The interval between water changes is relatively long. If the water quality of Jinhua is fine, you can change the water every 10 to 15 days.
tzc comment: My fish just like old water
Jun 207 Comment: I personally think that old water is to reduce the frequency of water changes, but we should pay attention to the indicators of good water quality
-Silly-Comment: Fish is in good condition without problems.Its water yellow
Little Sheep Dragon Stingray Comment: The long-term water also needs to meet the standards in all aspects, and the water quality is stable. The old water is generally yellowish.
Brother Yi: Comment: It doesnt have to be yellow, the old water hasnt changed in a long time
℡ Oblique circle.! Comment: The water quality is stable!Regular water changes (mainly to dilute harmful substances) Old water does not necessarily turn yellow!Yellowing must be old water (eutrophic water)Macaw fish price~One golden dragon and one red dragon mixed breeding video^Super blood red dragon fish/It is best to keep a few red dragon fish@Super Scarlet Blood Dragon Fish VideoWhat kind of fish is red dragon fish good for?$The most expensive aquarium fish price ranking!Red Arowana is three months old%How to choose the best red dragon fish"


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