I just made a roll shell everyone recommend a filter


  I made a tank that is one meter long and 25 high and 25 high. The zebra shells at home are bred. I plan to raise zebra shells exclusively, but I am worried about filtering.Pure superfiltration feels impossible.The filter bucket is even more unnecessary, a total of six adult fish and two juveniles.Please recommend it to everyone.

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  cngogjivw Say: Filter bucket
Fish Friends AAAA-KeRs Say: Pay attention to each other, old iron, communicate a lot, communicate a lot
The habit that fish friends cant change Say: Just a water goblin is enough, but its not beautiful.
Yuyou gamecube Say: The landlord is here to brush the existence, such a tank, drip flow is not used, the filter cartridge is not used, the use is not considered, is it a bottom filter?There are only a few types of commonly used filters. Have you already eliminated half of them? Do you still recommend them?With such a big tank and 8 small fishes, filtration is not necessary at all. It is enough to change some water in three or four days.
Fish Friends Moke Asking Heart-Ci Diao Say: Side consideration
Fish Friends JOHN00100018 Say: Do you need a dragon tank?Go ashore and clear a set If you need it, you can contact
Yuyou honest 001 Say: Up-filter plus anti-gas lift
Fish friends are good Say: No need to filter, every day I see a fish, I use a tube to take it away.Can Ingot Phoenix be raised with cold water?Fish types pictures and names,Coldwater Fish Ornamental Fish&Why don"t tiger fish fry:Ingot Ornamental Pigeon*Encyclopedia of marine fish species!What Ingot Phoenix likes to eat%List of well-cultivated ornamental fishOrnamental fish red ingot%Ornamental Fish Wholesale Market^


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