Little Rainbow has been home for a week


  Little Rainbow has been home for a week!! Master help to see how it looks!!!By the way, give him some advice for his development!!!Now this little guy is alone in my 1.2-meter tank!!!A friend said to suppress fish!!!I dont know if it works!!!!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Warm-blooded Xiaoman Comment: Its okay.
Xiao Luo Luo Comment: Everyone does not need to press the fish, normal feed is enough,
Bird riding a fish comment: The photo taken at the red light is like a woman hitting a thick rouge powder, you cant see the real effect, I want everyone to see the appearance of your fish, I suggest you take photos of natural light
Very nice Comment: I dont think it works anymore. I have two of them too.
Crooked fish Comment: The hair color of this fish is pretty good, not bad.Worth looking forward to
mgl258 The golden flower series that started late
"Thought about success. Comment: Good is a pity that 1.2 cylinders
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