I want to buy an aquarium What accessories do I need for a tank? Do you think it is better to buy a


  I want to buy an aquarium What accessories do I need for a tank? Do you think it is better to buy a bare cylinder to buy accessories or directly to buy a finished tankThe key to keeping a good fish is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter fish stools. Toxins in water are produced by fish stools.At present, the general aquarium filtration systems are mainly upper filtration, trickle flow, bottom filtration, filter barrel, side filtration, and back filtration. These filtration systems have different forms, but they are essentially the same, and they are all filters that cultivate nitrifying bacteria outside the tank.system.That is to say, the fish must be extracted into those filters to be nitrified, and the ammonia in the fish will be removed.The fish will not be automatically drawn under the pumping port without long feet. It needs to pass the water flow in the tank to draw most of the fish into the filter body. Usually it needs to be used with the wave pump. When the wave pump works, the fish willIt takes time to float the entire aquarium and filter all of these water bodies. During this time, the fish will be partially dissolved in the water. The polluted water body will increase the ammonia content, and the fish will be easily ill.Therefore, it is often necessary to use a straw to suck out the fish in time and change the water frequently to reduce the burden of filtration, which increases the difficulty and workload of maintenance.Baidu Yongqing Filter understands that this system has the function of automatically cleaning fish stools, which will be helpful.

  the aquarium is matching, no accessories are needed, and some only need to be equipped with heating rods.Filter pumps, heating rods and lights are required to buy bare cylinders.Of course, it is good to buy finished cylinders, but it is expensive, and bare cylinders are about two-thirds cheaperHow to thaw frozen shrimp feed arowana^Can I feed the dragon fish with shrimp?*Does frozen brine shrimp feed fish for thawing?:Can cooked shrimp feed fish,How to deal with moss in fish pond!How to deal with live shrimp before feeding fish.Is it better to feed fish with frozen red worms or brine shrimp?"Can the arowana be fed to the shrimp?)What do dragon fish eat shrimp?(


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