MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA What can they do with the target?


  Two parrots were found for the goods as sandbags. When they first entered the tank, they chased and bite twice.Come here for a long time and actually pay attention to one of the shaking heads.
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Enchanted Luohan Comment: If you dont hit it, its the motherfish, and adultery will happen.
kfccom1 Comment: Your ministry issued a picture
Crooked Fish Comment: The sandbags cannot be placed in the tank for a long time.Get used to it if it is long.If you get used to it, you wont chase it.Unless, Luohan is fierce and may be killed in a short time.
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Charles 001 Comment: The parrots I used to put were also angry, I gave them away
Shen Hai YI commented: "Ive been attentive to one of my shaking heads for a long time, so lets not mention this cheapness."Hahaha!
Dream Yuyou Comment: A lover will eventually become a family member
Hua Huashuai, shaking his head and shaking his tail is the arhat fish demonstrating to each other, plus the parrot is more silly, if the arhat does not bite him, he will not run, and the picture you see appears
LDianG highlights are born, congratulations to the landlord for getting new fish
123xiashujie Comment: Family planning cry is about to find youMost, is this feed good?^Koi feed ranking:What kind of feed is best?#Most feed has hormones%How to choose the most feed%Most feed analysis$Cost-effective koi feed,What kind of feed does koi eat?~Most feed true and false@Koi feed wholesale"MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA What can they do with the target??


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