Baolian lamp for help


  Baolian lamp for helpGreat God help me to see what happened to my Baolian lamp. I died like this before[liulei]
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Sunshine VGKqd Comment: Neon disease
JunJie001 Comment: Neon light disease, basically cant save it, it will gradually weaken and die
Maple leaves are yellow Comments: hot
steven little squirrel comment: heating rod is hot
steven little squirrel comment: heating rod is hotballon气球怎么读limit sampleArowana can only eat feed%Which brand of silver arowana feed is good$Red Dragon has been eating Qianhu feed effect map%Parrotfish do not eat floating feed&How about Qianhu feed:How to recover from an eye drop on the side of the arowana$One time feeding of Qianhu Arowana feed#Is it better to feed arowana or jade?@Arowana is wearing a loach picture"True and false identification of Qianhu Arowana feed


Finally start with ray and aro comm

finclk here

Anyone can help to identify this Cichlid

Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish