Desa was home for three days When he was in a good state he was so timid

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  Desa was home for three days When he was in a good state he was so timidSometimes its surprisingly good, sometimes hiding in the corner.Is it really depressed that there are too many seedlings on the edge, please help me analyze it.Thank you, do you want to take it out and raise it alone?
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Baijiu Rice Comments:
I havent been here for a long time. Today I found a thin layer of black sand on the top of my head and chin.Thank you, the status is still good and bad, I am really worried
Guangdong yoyo comments:
Mostly because of the unbearability of the fish friends.No guts can be cultivated.Identification is completed.
Baijiu Rice Comments:
Haha, its a little bit unbearable, but for its good, it can only be so, right Desa is so timid?Its smaller than the horse gall bladder I raised
Luo Meimei Comment: Observe more and let it adapt to a few days.
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Guangdong yoyo comments:
Try to be hungry until he finds you to eat.Dont give too much.Let it feel hungry.
Bule, Tears Comment: Looks like Symphony
Enchanted Rohan Comments: I think it is Symphony, Desa is not like this
Xiang Yu asked Shui Comments: I still feel uncomfortable. There are 14 seedlings in my tank, which are kept separately. After I got used to it, my condition gradually improved.
Baijiu Rice Comments:
Oh, I see. Im going to be hungry for a few days today.
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