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As the saying goes: fish raise water first.To measure the health and quality of a tank of fish, we must first start by observing the quality of the water. Especially for high-end large-scale ornamental fish, the body s surface secretions, vomiting bags, and food debris will be much more than some small fish. Observe the waterQuality is more important.The water environment in the aquarium is more difficult to control than the natural environment of the fish that is raised. This requires us to produce fish water that is better than the natural environment and more conducive to our viewing. The standards for such water quality are summarized by severalWords: constant, thin, oxygen, net, transparent ---. 1.Constant: refers to the temperature of the water remains constant for a relatively long period of time.
Problems encountered by fish fan friends: After work, they found that there was a power outage at home, the water temperature was very low, and a large amount of hot water was quickly added to the fish tank to quickly heat up, causing the fish to become sick or die.
The correct solution: slowly raise the water temperature of the fish tank, about 2 degrees per hour, you can heat the water or use an electric heating tube to raise the temperature, do nt be irritated because it takes a long time, because if you raise high-value ornamental fish, spend moreA few hours is worth it. Think about how many hours, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars you have spent in a few hours without losing the value. Compared with the remuneration you get for a month of hard work, the value of these hours of labor should behigher.Partial water change temperature requirements: in summer, add water temperature in early autumn = fish tank water temperature; in late autumn, winter, and spring add water temperature> fish tank water temperature 1-2 degrees.
2.Lean: It means that the protein content in water is always kept to a minimum standard.
Protein in water basically comes from fish bait, fish feces, and fish body secretions.At the same time, the high protein content in the water is also an incentive for the harmful bacteria to multiply and cause the fish to develop quickly.To do this requires you to be serious and experienced in every detail of the fish farming process. A good filtration system is very important (a lot of information introduces the problem of filtration, which is not repeated here), and never let the fish tank haveThere is a phenomenon of leftover bait. If you are nervous during work in the morning and can not guarantee that your fish will be full without leaving food, then it is best not to feed the fish in the morning.After feeding, the swallowing speed of the fish should stop immediately.The excrement of fish must be cleaned every day. If you are super first-class, even if you only discharge a glass of water every day and clean up the feces of fish, you will need to replace 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the water every half month.Ways to maintain water quality are much stronger.Never try to use your hands to stroke your fish in the water to play. Unless you are very experienced, otherwise the skin mucus shedding caused by your gentle stroke is the prerequisite for you to love or die of your fish.As a last resort, when fishing with a fishnet, you should try to avoid hitting the tank full of fish as much as possible. An old comic dialogue is also suitable for your fishing *: "Slipping, backing, light fishing, slow up".
3.Oxygen: refers to the oxygen content in water
Some misunderstandings of fish fans: My upper filter drain pipe also blows bubbles in the water like the air head. Isnt it necessary to turn on the air pump.This idea is very wrong. Although the water movement can bring in some oxygen, it can never be compared with the oxygen content of the compressed air of the air pump. Some fish friends think that the air pump is used for a long time to affect rest and life. When sleeping at night,Stop, please remember that such things as air pumps will always be one of the consumables for your fish farming, not to mention the noise, that is, the exhaust volume is reduced, you must replace and repair in time.

Constant thin oxygen net transparent AROWANA Forum Pay attention to and grasp the above three points. Congratulations, if your fish is not the sick fish you bought, you can guarantee that your fish is no longer a problem, but it is more important to improve the quality and appreciation of the fish.
4.Net: This refers to the water as far as possible not to have a little pharmaceutical ingredients (unless your fish just needs to be quarantined at home or is about to become sick)
It is a seven-point drug. If your fish is lively and healthy, please do not put any drugs into the water.The stimulation of drugs will cause urgency and injury to the fish. When the fish is soaked in the potion, the bacteria will have a certain resistance. It will be difficult to wait until it is really sick. The experience of fish farming requires a long time of knowledge accumulation and seriousnessThe observations and analysis obtained are not usually maintained by drugs.
5.Through: refers to the water quality must be transparent and clear
This is not only the need for viewing, but also a key indicator for measuring the health of fish. Since you keep your favorite fish, you should observe it more often. Once the water quality changes, you should first check whether the filtration system stops working, followed by fishThe mental state, under the premise that the filtration system works normally, the signs of turbid and whitish water are mostly that the fish is sick. At this time, a targeted treatment plan should be taken immediately. It is very important to improve the water quality before taking measures.necessary.Pay attention to protecting the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material. Do not replace or clean the filter material all at once unless you have to do it. Remember that if the filter cotton is dirty, your water quality will be cleaner. On the contrary, if the filter cotton is very clean, your water quality may be very dirty.
The ideal water quality standard should be visually clear: the water quality is clear, no color, no aquatic microorganisms attached to the tank wall, no oil film and foam on the water surface, and the length (not width) of the fish tank should be clearly visible on the other side.Scenery and temporary turbidity of water due to feeding, fishing, etc. should be self-purifying in a short time.This is also an important criterion for measuring the level of fish farming and the health of fish.

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