Koi vomiting

  Mian carp has been eating normally. After two days of sudden eating, she spit food out and shattered the food. The spirit was not good, and she did not see bowel movements. Why?Seeking guidance

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  zhj2711 Say: Hungry for a few days
Yuyou lazy man Say: Dont understand

Koi vomiting AROWANA ForumFish of Bermuda Say: Loss of appetite, change water frequently
Yuyouhantouhanhan Say: Is it like humans, have you eaten up?red dragon酒店Ingot pigeons can produce several nests a year(Authentic ingot pigeon video!Ingot pigeon pairing skills*Ingot Pigeon Food Formula$The breeding method of Yuanbao pigeon&How do ingot pigeons breed quickly%Can ingot pigeons be free-range^How to distinguish male and female ingot pigeonsIngot pigeon male and female photos~Ingot pigeon male and female are different"

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