flowerhornAnalysis of Nine Situations of Arowana Refusing to Eat


1、 水质不良或者水质过老 水质不良造成的拒食在各个尺寸都有发生,一般是由于水体过老造成,有的龙友每天都会抽取粪便,极少量的补充新水,这种做法经过一段时间The water body is easy to grow old, causing the fish to refuse to eat, measuring various parameters in the water, and it is basically normal.Personally, I would suggest that aquarists who do this should still do regular quantitative water changes (2 to 3 weeks), such as 1/4 to 1/5, which is good for the maintenance of the water body and the appetite of arowanamaintain.
Countermeasure: After refusing to eat, keep the action of continuously changing the water for about 1/6 to 1/8 for 3-5 days. New water must be treated.

2、大量喂食后消化不良或者大量喂食后换水 这种情况在任何阶段都有可能发生,往往龙友找到比较好的食物或者对于食量掌控不好的生人喂食后,一次喂的太饱,The indigestion of the fish causes a period of refusal to eat, often accompanied by the action of climbing the tank.There are also aquarists who change the water after feeding a lot, causing discomfort to the fish, or even vomiting the stomach bag, and the fish will refuse to eat for a while.Therefore, it is recommended that aquarists should eat 7-8 minutes of feeding at a time, so that the arowana can always maintain a strong appetite.And they must stop eating on the day of mass water change to avoid discomfort.
Countermeasure: You can use fresh water to stimulate and heat up the overfilled arowana to stimulate digestion. If the owner does refuse to eat suddenly after a large amount of feeding, please do not use insects and other foods to attract food, but stop eating voluntarilyAnd use the above methods to stimulate digestion, and wait until the digestion of arowana food is completed, and then resume feeding.

3、flowerhorn 鱼体疾病 鱼体内脏器官的决大部分疾病,都有可能导致拒食,如内寄、内脏发炎等等,一般伴随各种疾病特征:眼睛凹陷、体表充血、腹胀、肛门鼓胀红肿、Head holes, body bending and other diseases, then calmly analyze, treat the symptoms and cure the disease, while the arowana naturally begins to eat.
Countermeasures: Treat the symptoms and cure the symptoms.

4. Spontaneous phased fasting This situation generally occurs in the mid- to forty-centimeter fish stage.When the arowana is raised from small to large, due to full food all day, it may suddenly start to stop eating at a certain stage. This situation is described in the "Arowana Special Issue". Such a stoppage may be an instinctive reaction of a species.The fish are in good condition, everything is normal, please dont pay attention, just wait patiently.
Countermeasures: Maintain water quality and wait patiently.

5、 单一食物厌食 虽然说龙鱼大部分喜欢昆虫性食物,但如果终日都是蟋蟀喂食,也许有一天它对蟋蟀不再感兴趣,这时喂食河鱼也许会大快朵颐,所以,综合性喂食,对于Arowanas appetite is beneficial.
Countermeasure: changing food

6、环境改变的紧迫 环境的改变包括移缸、更换了新背景、更改了缸内的布置等等都有可能,这种急迫造成龙鱼长时间的拒食,同时会伴有爬缸、快速游Action, easy to be surprised, pepper red dragon l up and down grinding cylinder, dull corner and other actions.I used to improve the sound of the filter outlet for a while, so that the water flow into the tank smoothly, but the arowanas in the polyculture tank that are used to the sound of the water flow all show a tense state, which is easy to startle., The situation disappeared after a few days.

flowerhornAnalysis of Nine Situations of Arowana Refusing to Eat AROWANA Forum Countermeasure: Find the reason, recover from the recovery, and wait patiently for the adaptation process if you cant.

7、 混养鱼的减少造成的孤独 龙缸中一般可能会混养有虎、虹、飞凤、鹦鹉等混养鱼,或者直接就是混养龙缸,这种情况如果龙鱼已经习惯,而Suddenly take away his mixed-breeding partner, or suddenly change from mixed-breeding to single-breeding, most of the arowana will refuse to eat. It can be imagined that there are polycultures that are beneficial to the arowana spirit.Once gone, loneliness will make him not think about eating.
Countermeasures: restore the polyculture environment.

8、怀孕期间 在繁殖期间,尤其是母鱼在怀卵时期,由于腹部卵巢的快速发育,使得腹部极为鼓胀,压迫肠胃和鱼鳔,造成龙鱼会有较长时间的拒食,多则几个月At the same time, the body floating up and down is not very flexible. It can be seen from the swing of the tail. During this period, it is inevitable to stop eating. Dont pay attention, just prepare for breeding with patience.

9. Seasonal fasting

Due to seasonal changes, especially in the northern regions, the arowana is easy to stop eating in the spring and autumn. Although the tank is in a constant temperature environment, the sensitive arowana can still feel the change of seasons. At this time, the refusal to eat may be unknown for a few days.Then it recovered naturally.Analysis of Nine Situations of Arowana Refusing FoodPellet fish feed to feed grass goldfish&One meter lucky catfish price@How much is a lucky catfish$What brand of feed is good for grass goldfish?^Oversized Lucky Catfish Eat Map Fish$Grass goldfish best feed%Grass goldfish feeding floats or sinking feed(Forage Goldfish%Lucky Cat Fish Scavenger Video:Lucky catfish and koi polyculture~

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