Dahong is almost a year old

  Raised for a year.Hard work is not in vain, hair colorDahong is almost a year old Aquaculture Forum

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  anson2014 Say: Raise the Red Dragon slowly.
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Beautiful fish, congratulations
Yuyou Longyu Xuguang Say:
Thank you 18613515088
Beautiful fish, congratulations
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: Pretty
Yuyou 15901442979 Say: Authentic Orange Red Dragon
Fish Friends Ring qq001 Say: What is the length?
Ayu afa Say: The Arowana is good.
Yuyou Longer Say: Uh, keep going
Yuyou a277469421 Say: Beautiful fish, congratulationssuper bee资料The difference between silver arowana and gold arowanaArowana breeding method video~What to eat silver arowana:If the arowana is properly raised&Video tutorial of crayfish breeding method"What to eat for wild arowana?Arowana tips#Arowana breeding video tutorial$How to keep arowana%Goldfish breeding method video tutorial%Dahong is almost a year old!

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