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Although this is an ornamental fish that is very easy to raise, unfortunately, many individuals die during fishing and transportation.Most clowns in the Philippines have quality problems, and many are captured by drugs.These clownfish cannot live in an artificial environment because their internal organs are damaged.I often see that the clownfish transported from the Philippines can reach a mortality rate within a week60﹪.The clownfish from other areas are healthier. If you want, you can buy artificial individuals bred in China. As long as the individual has no damage or disease, the clownfish can easily adapt to life in the aquarium.
They are usually hidden after being placed in the aquarium, and only swim out when they are sure that there is no danger.This kind of fish can receive artificial feed from the beginning without special domestication.If there are carpet anemones in the aquarium, they will soon live inside.The son clown has a special preference for carpet anemones. When other anemones are polycultured together, they must first choose carpet anemones.If there is no carpet anemone, they will choose princess anemone or red belly anemone, but few sons and clowns will accept purple dot anemone.When they are protected by anemone mucus, they will rarely suffer from bacterial or parasitic diseases. You do nt have to worry about them being infested with parasites.
Medications containing copper and formaldehyde are not recommended for use on young clowns. They have poor tolerance to medicines, and the amount used to kill parasites can also poison young clowns.It is advisable to keep the son clowns in the reef aquarium, so as to make them more vivid.Only need one60A litter aquarium can raise a pair of clowns, but if you need to raise a community, you need to at least ensure that they are given200Space for water.Although they can tolerate higher nitrates, it is best to keep the content not exceeding50ppm, Otherwise it will cause slow growth or darken the color.Mature female son clown can have10Centimeters big, but males generally only have6cm.Actually,5Young clowns with centimeters or more are capable of reproduction. If they are provided with nutrient-rich bait and excellent water quality, they can be passed down in the aquarium.
In an aquarium with sea anemones and other fish, even if the broodstock breeds, it is difficult to remove the larvae.In the end, those little lives will serve as bait, and anemones also like to eat the eggs and larvae of clownfish.Broodstock usually lay their eggs on the rocks below the anemones and strive to drive the anemones away from these eggs.But when the eggs hatch, the parents cant protect these rambling children, most of them will be swept away by the anemone tentacles.
The successful breeding method is to keep certain broodstock alone in a fish tank without any other creatures, the fish tank does not have to be large,40A centimeter square is enough to settle a couple.To maintain good water quality, in my experience, when the nitrate content is higher than20ppmWhen the clownfish no longer spawn.Therefore, the breeding tank must be changed at least weekly20﹪.Some smooth stones need to be placed in the breeding tank. It would be better if you could put an inverted purple flower pot.The pot size should be such that the two clownfish live together, and it is not difficult to turn around.In fact, if the two fish are indeed husband and wife, they will often be in that flower pot.To provide broodstock with rich nutrition, it is difficult to make them spawn with artificial feed alone.Feed at least every day3It is best to add shrimp, clam, cuttlefish, and artificial feed alternately, and it is best to add some food containing spirulina.
If the broodstock selected is4A pair of centimeters in size, they will be8--12She started to lay eggs after months.If the broodstock selected is smaller, you need toLong time.In the growth of broodstock, one will grow faster than the other, and the one that grows faster is the female.Generally females are bigger than males2--3Cm, there are also some female heads and
The males are very close, but the breeding situation of closely related broodstock is not as good as the difference.No matter how young the individual is, it s intensive2After two years of inability to lay eggs, this is a case of pairing failure.Sometimes, two clownfish without a husband and wife relationship can live together in a small environment, you will find them and they will also fight, that is not a husband and wife are not in harmony, but there is no meaning of love for each other, this situation must be replacedBroodfish.If multiple pairs of clown fish are placed in multiple adjacent fish tanks for breeding experiments, cover the sides of the fish tanks with coverings to ensure that they cannot see each other.The mature broodstocks are very aggressive towards each other. If they can see each other, they will harass each other through the glass, affecting normal reproduction.
Clownfish generally like to lay eggs on the inner wall of a flower pot or a smooth stone surface. As long as the broodstock lay eggs once, they will lay eggs regularly in the future.2--3week.Before spawning, broodstock will clean the surface of the stone or flower pot with their mouth. This process takes a short time, and some takes a few days.Then, the female fish began to lay eggs, and the male fish immediately fertilized these eggs.The pebbles that had just been laid were orange-red and soon turned dark red.Depending on the size and health of the broodstock, a nest of eggs can200--500Between pieces.If the male has no disease, these eggs can basically be fertilized.
After spawning, broodstock will take care of the eggs, and they are very careful. They constantly incite the fins to send fresh water to the eggs.You can take out the eggs and hatch them artificially. Many farms do this to save the physical strength of broodstock.But in family breeding, it is best to let them incubate themselves. I think they need to experience the joy of parenting to maintain their love.The father of the egg is responsible"Tough guy", When other fish are close to the egg, it will take the initiative to attack, even if the invader is several times larger than himself, he will never be afraid.If you reach into the fish tank, you will still be attacked by it.The mother of the eggs keeps being eggs"Fan water", And touch them one by one with your mouth, if there are dead eggs, it will immediately remove them, so as not to involve other eggs.During this time, you can stop changing water, reduce the amount of feeding, and ensure that the light source is turned on according to natural day and night.
Depending on the water temperature, the eggs will generally7--10Hatched in the sky.I use27℃ water to incubate in the first8After turning off the lights at night, the little fish will hatch in a swarm.Before hatching, the eyes of the larvae can be clearly seen on the fish eggs, and they move from time to time.At the moment of incubation, all the small fish will jump to the surface of the water. At this time, you must be present and turn off the filter system to prevent the small fish from being pumped away by the pump.When the small fish hatch, you can use plastic tubes to suck them into a container without a filtration system.
One10--12The litre aquarium is very good as a tool for cultivating small fish. Do nt put too much water in the beginning.1/3Best, too much water, it is not easy for small fish to find food.Because there is no filtration system, at least half of the seawater must be changed every day. When changing the water, the speed must be slow and the movement must be gentle, because the small fish are very easy to be injured.They can be maintained by the nutrition in their yolk3day,3They must be provided with bait.
In general, we should provide delicious live rotifers to the newly hatched baby clownfish.There are many types of rotifers, and we can purchase suitable sources on some agricultural and fishery websites.Clean seawater is needed to cultivate rotifers, and other small animals must be avoided.It is best to cultivate rotifers in a cylindrical container, which will collect them well.I use a diameter20Centimeter-shaped glass cups cultivate rotifers and provide them with yeast as food at first.Later, Chlorella was introduced to feed rotifers, which was really troublesome. You must first cultivate Chlorella in multiple glass containers and give them enough light until they completely dyed the water in the glass container before using it.It feeds rotifers.After cultivating for a few days, you can take some rotifer water to a place with a microscope and ask someone to help you observe.If the number of rotifers per ml is greater than3This can be fed to the clownfish.This process requires6--12Days, so the bait must be cultivated before the clownfish spawn.If the cultivated chlorella is not so green, you can add some traces of dipotassium phosphate, ammonium chloride, ferric citrate, etc. These fertilizers can enhance algae growth.Of course, it is more convenient to buy microalgae fortification solution directly, but there are few domestic sellers.Baby clownfish need to eat rotifers for at least a week to be large enough to eat bigger bait.
When the baby clownfish gradually develops from a pinpoint shape to an oval shape, they can feed them the newly hatched brine shrimp.It is very simple to incubate brine shrimp. There are eggs of various brands on the market. Take some eggs and put them in a cylindrical container filled with sea water.Water temperature26 °Time,2It can be hatched in the day. You can use a dropper to extract these brine shrimps and feed them to the clownfish.While feeding the brine shrimp, you can put in some crushed artificial feed, until the clownfish completely receives the artificial feed, you can feed them directly with feed.
As the clownfish grows, we must continuously raise the water level in the rearing tank until the clownfish grow to1At centimeters, you can see that they are exactly the same as mom and dad, so they need to change to a larger fish tank with a filtration system to feed them.When they are full moon, they can gather in a large group to swim in the aquarium, generally8Can grow up in months5cm.
Im not sure if I made the breeding of clown fish clear. I hope you are willing to breed this cute little fish. The popularity of artificial fish can greatly reduce the pressure on natural species.It should be noted that artificial juveniles in the same nest grow up well and rarely mate successfully and breed offspring.
(At present, there are no wild clowns imported from China, and the individuals we can buy are basically artificial ones)

Australian black boy clownfish (Australia) transferred from PCS captain

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