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  There is an adult Sai Lan male at home, about 20 cm. The most important thing is to enter the small Super Red Arowana. I want to ask if there is any problem with the next polyculture. Sai Lan has killed his companion before and it is in estrus, but the Arowana fish is a top fish, I wonder if it is possible

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  Flying with dreams Say: If you want to raise a Super Red Arowana, it is better to take six of them, because six of them bite fish.
Fish Friends 18004237888 Say: If you are polygamy, be mentally prepared for a fight
Brother Yuyu Say: It s better to keep separate
Yuyou zp850621 Say: It should be fine, I have a Burundi and a Arowana to keep together.
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: It s not a water quality, do nt mix it. The adult saline is worth 2000, the soft water say is not in state, the hard water alkali water Super Red Arowana is not in state
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: Best not to mix
Yuyou 8016 Say: If Hong Longgui is still in the state of single raising
Yuyoushibin18 Say: It is best to keep them apart!
Yuyou Longer Say: This should be okJinlongyu single-glue seven-strand wire price~Jinlongyu 16 square wire price^The difference between true and false Jinlongyu wires)Jinlongyu National Standard Wire Price List*Jinlongyu 6 square copper wire price?Jinlongyu Cable Price Quotes:Is Jinlongyu cable price list available in Wuhan?,Jinlongyu Cable Official Website!Jinlongyu home improvement wire pricesarowana fish for saleAbout Xiaolong and Big Sailan Polyculture。

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