Yuxi Tutorial said every day that poisonous fish what exactly is poisonous fish

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Today, I will tell you the story of the poisonous fish ~

I believe that many friends always listen to everyone saying "This is a poisonous fish blablabla .", what exactly is a poisonous fish?What is not a poisonous fish?

How about poisonous fish, what about not poisonous fish?Today I will talk to everyone.

Yuxi Tutorial said every day that poisonous fish what exactly is poisonous fish Aquaculture Forum

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  Breeze Cocoon Say: First of all, everyone should realize one thing:

99% of the marine fish in our aquarium are wild caught, not artificially bred.

At present, due to the stupid human technology and cost, only very few breeds can be artificially reproduced and sold in batches, such as blue hanging, golden hanging, clownfish, etc.But there are hundreds of species of marine fish to watch, except for the three or five species, all the rest are wild caught.
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: This is different from freshwater aquarium fish.

Most freshwater fish are artificially propagated and raised in an artificial environment from an early age, eating artificial feed, so they can adapt quickly once they enter the fish tank.

But marine fish is the opposite.The environment in the ocean is very different. The difference between the artificial fish tank and the ocean is too great. Many wild marine fish cannot adapt to (or are difficult to adapt to) the environment of the fish tank, which makes marine fish difficult.

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Training bait also often comes from this.There are no particles in the ocean, and many fish do not know what the fish food is for the rest of their lives, so people need to be patiently trained.

Well, this is a digression, not to expand.In short, the fish in our aquarium comes mainly from the ocean.

So the question is coming, the global demand for marine ornamental fish is so large, how can you catch so much?
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Currently, there are two major methods:

1-Net catch

Go directly to the net for fishing.However, due to the fishing place and the reefs, the following nets are not as convenient and fast as everyone thinks, all the nets are fish .

They go offline like this:

First take a big black net to cover a coral reef to prevent the fish from escaping
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Then drove the small fish in it, came to catch the turtle in an urn, and picked up the fish one by one to pick up the fish one by one

Advantages: Very little damage to fish

Disadvantages: low production, not many fish per person per day, which means that the cost of each fish is higher
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: 2-drug catch

Dispense to catch.The capture process is as follows:

Take a watering can filled with poisonous cyanide.Drive the fish together and spray cyanide to them, which will form a white cloud.If the fish is dead or dizzy, just fish it out and get it done.
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Advantages: fast, save trouble, high yield, low cost per fish

Disadvantages: The damage to the fish is great, and the coral to the lower tablet area is even more damaged.

A family workshop, a day of poisoned fish:
Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: The damage of the fish catch to the fish is far greater than you think.About 70% of the fish will die on the spot, and they cannot be transported or sold at all.In the process of transportation and sale, more than 50% of the remaining 30% of fish will die due to poisoning.Finally, it will be in your hand alive, and a considerable part will die from organ failure.

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: It can be said that the fish caught by medicine, from the ocean, to the fish tank really feed and keep it, I am afraid that only about 5% (or even lower).Although aquarists thought of many ways to detoxify the fish they bought, the effect is also very small. After all, cyanide is a very strong poison for fish, and most fish are already poisoned.
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