golden arowana hdpc flooringFilter cotton problem

  golden arowana hdpc flooringFilter cotton problemHow much filter cotton should be put in the wet and dry separation box?What kind of cotton are used separately.Thank you

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  13323308088 Say: I dont need cotton, the filter bag + God blanket!God blanket below!The water quality is absolutely clear and transparent!I do nt know if science is not scientific, I do nt know if it s good for fish!
鱼 友 ruans Say: Is nt it a magic carpet?
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Shuiqing will do
Fish friend legmz Say: Just put a layer of fine cotton
Yuyou Qiuweixin002 Say: casual
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: How much cotton to put can not be generalized.The height of the wet and dry separation box, the number of fish, the feeding amount, and the degree of diligence all need to be adjusted by the landlord.
But fine cotton and thick cotton (green cotton is also counted as coarse cotton) should be combined as much as possible.Fine cotton plays a role of isolation, coarse cotton plays a role of decomposition.Everyone knows that fish will be segregated, but the decomposition of garbage and fish feces is often ignored.Crude cotton is mainly used to make saprophytic bacteria decompose fish to produce ammonia nitrogen.
Dont be too superstitious about the so-called magic carpets and god carpets. Businesses always pursue interests, and it is an indisputable fact that magic carpets are easily blocked.
In general, the filter cotton should be combined with coarse and fine. How many layers are specific, understand the principle, and practice, the landlord will find the quality and quantity suitable for him.
Yuyou13525094018 Say: Just put the magic carpet, wash frequently
Qiao Qiang Say: Look at the height of your box, as long as there is no problem with water, it is okay to put a few more layersHow much do ingot fish generally keep.Is the hexagon arowana auspicious?#How big a parrot fish can grow)Is it true that the fish eats the beef heart?&How long can the map fish grow up(How old can Genghis Khan grow*What kind of fish is suitable for polyculture with goldfish@Map what fish eats fast$How much is a map fish price%Map of the best mix of fish polyculture~

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