Suggestions for a 10-day deduction for not signing in one day

  After so many years of development, Longdian has become the premier professional website for arowana, with members all over the world, and may have higher requirements for members. Now because of work reasons, I ca nt log in every day as before. Once I check in, I see a few dazzling red letters: If you have nt checked in for X days, 10X days will be deducted.
Suddenly felt that Long Deng was necessaryIn fact, I do nt care. I m used to sinking in water and basically do nt participate in Dragon Bend activities, but after all it looks uncomfortable. It seems like I made a lot of mistakes without signing in. Should Long Bound s management thinking about members be more open. Every arowana lover has its own rules of life and lifestyle. Landing on Dragonbend is a way for arowana lover to relax their minds and enjoy happiness. It is not a necessity. People who are busy can not be busy every day.Come to Long Dian to sign in.
If you do nt sign in one day, you will be deducted for 10 days. Is this rule a bit overbearing?Even if there is this agreed clause in the original membership agreement, it is unreasonable and inhumane without considering the actual situation of the members, and it is believed that most members do not know this clause.
Such a result is neither in line with the original intention of Dragonfish enthusiasts to land in Longtan, nor in line with the goals established by Longtan. It may even happen that some members have to check in for the purpose of avoiding the number of days deducted.I wont read the updated content, which makes it a burden to log in to Dragonfront.How to reflect the value of Long Dian?This should not be what Long Deng wants to see.
Therefore, it is recommended to change the check-in rules and accumulate according to the actual number of days of check-in. There is no need to deduct the number of days that have not been checked in.In addition, improve the quality and management of Longdian content, achieve visits from attractiveness, and abandon the thinking of restricting members.

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  Gao Ping Jinxing Say: Top up
Fish Friends Fish Fun Say: Of course, this is not the case.
Fish Friends Fish Fun Say: Otherwise, what is the sign?
Fish of Bermuda Say: Just sign in
Yuren Say: I think it does nt make much sense to sign in or not,
Yuyou Longding Little Housekeeper Say: Hello, thank you for your support to the Dragon Fish Summit Forum!Your comments have been received, and there are plans to optimize this part before the forum. Your comments will be submitted to the leader, thank you again for your comments!
Yuyou Baoding Say: I have also been detained for dozens of days, and now it becomes a habit to sign in first every day.
Yuyou Listening * Happiness Say: Dingdingding!Its okay to have him here, and if you have something, you have to buckle it.Its not a job, its still stressful for leisure.Im not afraid, I havent buckled it up, so I can buckle it!No medals.Stick to your hobbies, stick to your studies, and strengthen your friendship!
Yuyou Yihe ATTeoh Say: The problem is that if you do nt sign up, you will be deducted points. If you do nt get a problem on the Longxian website, you will be deducted points.good luckyHow to feed arowana and parrotSilverfish mixed culture#Silver Arowana Polyculture Best Video:Arhat and silver arowana polyculture,What kind of fish do silver arowana and polyculture(Can Lucky Cat be polycultured with Arowana~Are silver arowana and beckoning cats polycultured?"Can silver arowana and warships be polycultured@Silver arowana and map fish can be polycultured/Suggestions for a 10-day deduction for not signing in one day!

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