super red arowanaStrange solution to PH value of fish tank

  super red arowanaStrange solution to PH value of fish tankI use Sensen 1.8 meters bottom filter fish tank
When the PH probe is placed in the last cell for testing
The PH value was between 3-4 when the water pump circulated to the maximum, which scared me
When the pump circulation drops to the minimum, the PH value is around 6, I am even more strange.
I tried this three or four times.
How is PH value related to water flow?
Later, I put the probe directly into the main tank, the PH value is normal

Has the master encountered this situation?The reason for the filter material?Or is it the cause of water flow?
Two boxes of AC filter media that I just changed half a month ago

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   bg6ixm Say: 1 PH meter is divided into circulation type and immersion type, and the structure is slightly different.You should use the immersion type. The rapid flow of water will greatly interfere with the measurement.In addition, the temperature will interfere with the measurement, and the error without temperature compensation will be greater.
Fish Friends Carl.Tin Say: Should not
Yuyou wandering qq Say: Not allowed, use test solution
Fish friend ankel Say: Do nt believe that, it s inaccurate at all, the water flow will affect.
Goldfish Tigerfish Say: Impossible?
Fish friend legmz Say: This thing is not allowed at all, it is best to use dipsticks
Fish Friends Husband Love Dabao Say: PH test shows 7.2. Three times of JBL test paper test are 6.6. I also suspect PH detector
Yuyou Golden Armor and Silver Corpse Say: Never test
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